Day In The Life family portrait of young girl and boy sat in entrance of straw hut at Furzey Gardens

I’ve been friends with Charles & Andrina for some years now and have known the girls since they were tiny so I was really pleased when Andrina asked me if I’d do a documentary family photography session for her along with her sister Luisa and all the kids as a present for their Mum.

Documentary Family Photography

Andrina told me about her experience of taking her eldest daughter to a family portrait studio. It was more than a little stifling and uncomfortable. The awkward poses they were asked to do were things that the two of them would never do together. It was embarrassing and difficult. There was nothing natural about them and the result was that the pictures just didn’t look like them. They were professionally processed, retouched and presented but they didn’t actually look like them! They were someone else’s idea of what family photos should look like. Most of them are in a box in the loft now.

‘Day in the Life’ Family Photography

‘Day in the Life’ sessions are the exact opposite to the traditional studio-based family photography. There’s no getting ready and there’s no pressure to ‘perform’.

They’re an active family with a preference for being outside so this kind of session was ideal for them. It was a real pleasure to document them doing what they love. The kids got used to me really quickly. They just got on with doing what kids do and being exactly who they are (really inquisitive). No awkwardness, no fuss, no posing and no pressure. Just a lovely day out in the forest enjoying some quality time with each other (we saw a donkey being born in the woods!) – with some beautiful images of the family at the end of it all.


smiling mum carrying laughing you daughter through the woods during day in the life family session at Furzey Gardens


“I can’t recommend Will enough! Having seen Will’s portfolio I knew I was going to get great pictures but the finished product still managed to exceed my extremely high expectations. Not only do the pictures look beautiful but they capture our children’s personalities and really represent our family life! Will was so easy to work with, we all felt totally relaxed and the children were able to be completely natural which really shows in the pictures. I will definitely be using Will again and will treasure the photos forever.”

I hope you enjoy looking at these images as much as I enjoyed making them. A beautiful day…

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