Documentary family photography session in Dorset

Day in the Life Family Photography in Dorset



The Turner family were full of energy and fun (despite the sweltering heat – thanks for the ice cream, Kate!) which made them really easy to photograph. There was always something going on! The kids were happy, funny, engaged and got used to me really quickly. All in all, a really lovely day.

I’m constantly on the lookout for those moments when kids are doing ‘the things’ they do when they think no ones looking. Or they think they might be pushing their luck a bit but they’re not sure. There’s a few of these in here and they’re nearly always my favourite images… I can’t imagine why…

Check out the slideshow from their session below:


Natural family photography – real life, not ‘Lifestyle’


These sessions dispense with the sometimes stuffy formality of traditional studio-based family photography. There’s no need to get ready and there’s no pressure to ‘perform’. But, although I’m not directive, I’m not a completely detached observer either. I interact with families throughout our sessions rather than hovering awkwardly on the outskirts.

documentary family photo session is a little different from what people commonly associate with family photography i.e. the family together, smartly dressed, in a studio environment or perhaps a park or beach –  a selection of group and individual portraits, posed for the camera – passive.

So a Day in The Life family photography session is the antithesis of this, allowing the family to do what they want, when they want.

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