About family photography...

..and the unrehearsed stories of your daily family life


Here’s the thing. When your family photographs are passed down through the generations shouldn’t they be about more than just what your family looked like? Wouldn’t you rather you’re able to show your children, and your children’s children what their lives were like – who they were? To know who they were and what they did when they’d forgotten anyone was looking? What made them laugh, what made them cry? How they played, how they fought, how they smiled? The weird little things they did?

And shouldn’t you be in the photographs too?




Documentary family photography captures and preserves the unrehearsed story of your family’s daily life. No staging or direction, just candid moments, beautifully photographed.

Natural and spontaneous – with no expectations. You and your family, being yourselves, pressure free. None of the stiff formalities or awkwardness of ‘traditional’ family photography – your family’s spirit and personalities found in the things you do together and in the everyday moments you share.

An alternative approach to family portrait photography


A different kind of family photography that allows your everyday moments to evolve by themselves: Split second instances that can be so fleeting, seemingly insignificant or even mundane. But when you slow them down to a single frame they become so much more.

Kind Words + Family Photography Portfolio


Sonja & Andy

“You captured something that we will treasure forever and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts Will.
It’s not only your amazing photography that makes you so great, your take on life is refreshing, heart-warming and beautiful.”

Candid, authentic moments – natural & unposed


Capturing relationships, emotions, and interactions. This is unrehearsed, spontaneous family photography for people who don’t like having their photo taken. I won’t ask you to do anything or try to force something to happen. Genuine, honest photographs that capture the tears and the tantrums as well as the hugs, the smiles, the chaos and the joy: The reality of your beautiful family life.

Documentary family photography session in Hampshire

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